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Work trams and trains via satellite! - Click here for more information

Radio interests:

VHF/UHF - I've spent the majority of my on air time (> 90%) above 50 MHz. I play a little on HF and enjoy that too, especially while mobile on long trips.

Data communications - Computers and networking are my other technical interest, so it's natural to want to merge the two. I have been on packet in the past, and intend to get back on when circumstances permit (propagation here is roughly equivalent to that of a mineshaft, and antenna space is limited :( ). Hope to see, and take part in the development of a high speed, multi purpose data network, capable of carrying voice, data and other traffic. I am working on a high speed point to point microwave link suitable for the data backbone. APRS via satellite is another potentially interesting data application.

Public transport mobile - Yes, that means operating from a tram, train or bus! One way to pass the time spent travelling to work, and a great way to indulge in radio without intruding on one's home or work life! Also a challenge to develop suitable compact, yet effective antennas. This is my major mode of operation these days, I can be found on VK3RSE (439.375 MHz) or VK3RCC (438.100 MHz, 123Hz CTCSS) most weekday mornings and afternoons.

ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) -  An exciting mix of foxhunting and orienteering, both physically and mentally challenging.

Contesting - I enjoy the John Moyle Field Day and Remembrance Day contest (VHF and up, of course :) ). Also occasionally work the Spring or Summer VHF/UHF Field Days, if circumstances permit.

Amateur satellites - The new breed of FM repeater satellites makes Amateur satellite operation accessible to more people.

Internet Repeater Linking - Connect your repeater to others interstate or around the world! Work DX from your VHF/UHF handheld!

Internet Linking Roundup - Which Internet linking system is best for you?

Amateur Television (ATV) - Communicate with pictures over the air!

Weather - Here are some ideas for using amateur radio for weather spotting.

Are you a user of Melbourne's amateur repeaters?

If so, you may be interested in the VK3RSE users' mailing list. While primarily oriented towards Melbourne's VK3RSE repeater users, this list discussed repeater happenings and talk around Melbourne. Interesting contacts, QRM reports, LIPDs, radio reviews and information, coming events and general chit chat between users of Melbourne's amateur repeaters. If you'd like to join, send an email to with the word 'subscribe' in the message body, and follow the instructions in the reply you receive. Existing subscribers will notice a new list address. There is no need for existing subscribers to re subscribe, existing subscribers have been migrated to the new list server. The old addresses now redirect mail to the new system, in case you forget. :-)

VK Microwave Operators Mailing List.

Do you operate on bands above 1000 MHz, or are interested in operating in these bands? Amateurs who operate on microwave bands and anyone interested in microwave operation are invited to subscribe to VK-SHF. To subscribe, send an email to, with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.

Topics for discussion on the list include:

CB Australia mailing list.

Not licenced yet? Or prefer to use CB radio instead? Then CB-Australia is the mailing list for you. CB-Australia is a mailing list specifically for Australian CB radio operators and enthusiasts, and was created to address the lack of online forums for Australian CB operators to discuss their issues and exchange ideas. For too long, Aussie CBers have had to try a ham radio or scanner newsgroup and risk an "off topic" warning or other harassment. Topics on the list include anything to do with legal CB operation in Australia, as well as other "publicly accessible" radio networks, such as the RFDS HF frequencies. To subscribe, go to and log in (If you haven't used onelist before, you will need to register first). Alternatively, you can send email to Some examples of topics relevant to CB-Australia include:

Please note that Amateur Radio is off topic, due to the vast array of existing resources devoted to Amateur Radio already on the Internet.

VK3RTL Live on the Internet!

After a long absence of streaming audio, the new repeater system here has been fitted with a streaming audio feed for Internet listeners to enjoy.  Like the previous streaming service, the VK3RTL feed uses streaming MP3 audio and can be played by most popular media players on most platforms.  So far, Windows, Mac and Linux systems have reported working well with the stream.

The audio content is basically a 24x7 feed of activity (both local and Internet linked) on VK3RTL.  Listeners in the western suburbs of Melbourne can also listen on 438.600 MHz if they have a scanner.  

While there may be long periods of time where there is no audio on the feed, this just means that there is no activity on the system.  However, there are a number of scheduled nets that may be of interest.  As of March 2004, the schedule is:

To listen in, simply point your favourite streaming media player at: and sit back and listen!  Note that the audio may be delayed by up to several minutes.  This is normal.

Articles: (otherwise known as the soapbox :) ).

My Thoughts on a Foundation Licence - A new class of licence for Australia?

Public Transport Mobile Operation - Equipment, tips and techniques.

Internet Linking Roundup - Which Internet linking system is best for you?

ARDF - Navigation and fitness using radio.

Amateur Satellites on Rails! - One way to work DX while commuting.

Working your first satellite! - A short primer on FM satellite operation.

Satiquette - Good manners for Amateur FM satellite operators.

My vision for the future of Amateur Radio

High speed point to point microwave link for the backbone of a future high speed amateur data network.

What Amateur Radio means to me.


Icom IC-T81A Quad band handheld transceiver.

Hytera PD362 DMR/FM handheld transceiver (on Hyters's website).

Dragon SS-201 10 metre all mode handheld transceiver.

Diamond SRH999 Quad Band Handheld Antenna.

Diamond V2000 Tri Band Base Antenna.

Retro review - Philips FM92A VHF mobile transceiver.

Retro review - Icom IC-745 HF Transceiver

Retro review - Standard C58 Portable 2m All Mode Transceiver.

Files (Miscellaneous downloads and info will appear here).

2.4 GHz omni antenna Part 1 - Collinear for 13cm amateur or wireless LAN use (courtesy "Amateur Radio", Jan 1993).

2.4 GHz omni antenna Part 2 - Collinear for 13cm amateur or wireless LAN use (courtesy "Amateur Radio", Jan 1993).

Other radio related sites:

Wireless Institute of Australia - the national representative body.

Looking for the closest Amateur repeater? VK voice repeaters listed here (courtesy WIA).

Or perhaps a CB repeater? Here's a UHF CB repeater list (courtesy VK2CA).

Victorian ARDF Group.

QNEWS - The weekly news from the WIA Queensland Division (includes Real Audio broadcasts!).

VK3RHF - Melbourne's 10 metre repeater.

Australian Amateur Radio FAQ.

Study for your licence online!.

VK2CA's Australian Amateur Radio site - Very comprehensive site, with lots of information, too much to mention here.

Melbourne Packet Radio Group.

Mini Kits - Build your own VHF/UHF/Microwave gear.

Lionel, VK3NM's 6 metre page.

QRZ.COM International callsign server and lots of useful data.

Lookup a callsign at QRZ.COM:

Got an amateur radio related site and nowhere to put it? Try QSL.NET!

Put your SoundBlaster to use on the air with these programs!

An excellent UK based site by Jeremy, G4NJH.

Email me

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