A High Speed Digital Backbone Radio Link

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This page outlines my experimental aims towards building a low cost, high speed digital radio point to point link. Such links are intended as a backbone for a future high speed data network, and will run at speeds above 1 Mbps. Intended frequency of operation is in the amateur 10 GHz and/or 24 GHz bands.

Why a high speed data network?

I see several reasons why a high speed data network can be of benefit to the amateur community. Besides the obvious reasons of experimentation and relieving the congestion on the current packet radio system, I have outlined my thoughts on the matter in my essay: Amateur Radio - A Future Vision.

Requirements of High Speed Link:

To fulfill its role and meet the needs of the amateur community, the digital link should ideally meet the following:

To achieve these goals, the following technologies are being investigated:

Project Stages:

The digital link will be developed in several stages, ideally by many amateurs working independently, but towards a common goal. I envisage many of these stages occurring in parallel, as they are not necessarily serially dependent. Some of the development to be done includes:

A lot of the above does not require transmitting on air, so non amateurs have plenty of scope to participate, and will be encouraged to obtain their licence so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour. Oh, and amateurs will be encouraged to get comfortable with Linux. It is a 2 way street after all, and everyone has expertise to share. :-)


July 4th 1999:

June 7th 1999:

May 27, 1999:

May 8th 1999 and earlier:

Currently, the following areas need more investigation in the near term:

Interested? Got some ideas or know some helpful links?

If you're interested, would like to help or simply offer feedback, feel free to email me at tlang@freeway.apana.org.au, or discuss the project and other microwave related issues on VK-SHF.

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