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ATTENTION! Satellite on Rails Operation!

NEW! FM satellite Users Forums. There are two FM satellite forums. The Egroups fm-satellite mailing list/web forum, run by myself (alternate link to subscribe via email), and the FM Easysat Forum, which is a web based message board, run by Drew, KO4MA. Discuss FM satellite operation with other users!

Taming the SO-35 Parrot - Tips and techniques for working SO-35's unique parrot (simplex) repeater mode.

A Closeup of Doppler Shift - Looking at satellite Doppler shift in more detail.

Satellites for SWLs - You don't need a licence to share in the excitement of satellite activities!

Build an antenna for portable Mode B and Mode J operation.

Working the Easy Sats Down Under - Getting on satellites may be easier than you think!

Satiquette - Be a courteous satellite operator. Please read before transmitting on the satellites!

Working your first satellite! (Updated October 2004 for AO-51) - Original version

The VK RailSat Challenge.

SO-35 No Longer Operational - My reflections.

Mir has been de-orbited and returned to Earth

Below is my journal of satellite operations, from my first SO-35 QSO to the current date. To download a .MP3 recording of satellite activity, click on the date of interest. Please note that the MP3 files are approximately 1/2 - 1 MB in size each. To save diskspace on the server, only recent MP3 recordings will be mirrored there. Older MP3s will continue to be available from the site, and hyperlinks have been altered to point to the correct sites.

VK RailSat Challenge!

The VK RailSat Challenge is an attempt to work via satellite between trains located in different capital cities. The original intention was to operate between Melbourne (VK3) and Perth (VK6), At this time, we are interested in making contact with train mobile stations from anywhere who are able to access the SUNSAT satellite. While satellite operation has previously been achieved from a train, the coordination of train mobile stations across the country presents some interesting logistical and technical challenges:

Currently, the following amateurs are involved (click on callsign to send email):

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Satellite related links

The following links are amateur satellite related sites, with an emphasis on FM repeater based satellites.

AMSAT North America - General information on Amateur satellites, Keplerian elements, downloads and more.

BLUEsat - A new Australian microsatellite under development, aiming to launch around 2005. The first Aussie OSCAR for over 30 years!

K5OE's Home Brew Amateur Satellite Equipment page - Want to roll your own gear?

ON1CAU Satellite Page - Links to just about anything related to Amateur satellites. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist!


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