Weather Photos

Some weather related photos.

"The Cloud" was sighted over Melbourne's western suburbs on August 16 2003.  ;-)

March 19 saw a dust storm cover much of Victoria.  Here's how it looked around 6PM.

Finally, on March 1, some interesting storm activity!  Late in the morning, I captured some close-ups of mammatus overhead.  Some good cold air storms developed later in the day, though I wasn't able to get any good photos due to urban clutter.  Hope the breaking of the drought leads to more storms...

Anyway, enjoy the mammatus pics. :-)

Saturday January 25th 2003 ends with a pretty sunset.  Smoke from the NE Victorian bushfires turned the sun into a pretty pink ball.  Taken at Altona near the beach.

Another spectacular sunset occurred on January 23 in light smoke...

Sunrise in Melbourne, January 20 2003.  Smoke from bushfires in NSW, Victoria and the ACT blanketed Melbourne and made for a spectacular sunrise.  These were taken about an hour after sunrise, about 7:10 AM.


Not to be outdone by the smoky sunrise, the sunset was also spectacular...

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