VK3JED Internet Radio Presents APC News Every Wednesday at 8PM Melbourne time!


To listen to VK3JED Internet Radio, click here!.

If the above link doesn't work for you, you can manually connect to the audio stream by doing the following:

Open Winamp or a compatible streaming MP3 player. In Winamp (for other players, check the documentation), click on the top left corner to open the menu, select "Play", then "Location". In the dialog box that pops up, type the following address:

The audio should start playing within 30-60 seconds, if there is a stream available.

What is VK3JED Internet Radio?

VK3JED Internet Radio is an Internet "radio" station, which is capable of relaying both live and pre-recorded programmes to listeners connected via the Internet. Currently, the Internet radio station is under test, and will be activated periodically with various programme material. Examples of test programme material may include local on air activity or live satellite passes. In 2001, APC News will also be broadcast live via VK3JED Internet Radio, replacing the old web based audio service. The Internet radio station uses streaming MP3 audio at a very low bit rate, to provide excellent audio quality, even over sluggish modem links.

How can I listen in?

To listen to the Internet radio station, you need an audio player capable of playing streaming MP3 audio. Players known to be compatible include Winamp and Real Player 7 or later. There are also compatible players for PCs running Linux and Macintosh systems. The streaming audio player needs to be installed as per the vendor's instructions. People who already listen to Internet radio should already be correctly configured.

If you're having problems, here's a link to the instructions for Windows users and instructions for Macintosh users provided by Live365, where the station is hosted.

If you're setup, click on the link below. A new window will pop up, and your streaming audio player should start. If you get an error, it is likely that the radio station is offline.

News flash: A test transmission of APC News will take place on December 13 at 8PM Melbourne time (09:00 UTC). This transmission is for testing purposes, and is not an official Internet relay. Reception reports will be appreciated.

Listen to VK3JED Internet Radio

Unable to listen to APC News here? Try one of the frequencies below at 8PM Melbourne time on Wednesday nights.

Miss APC News this week? News bulletins from 2001 are available for download here. All files are 8kbps MP3 format, approx 1.6 MB each. Filenames are of the form APCNews-yyyymmdd.mp3, where yyyy is the year, mm is the month (1-12) and dd is the day of the month the news was broadcast live.

Stay tuned for further details.

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