Internet Linking Information


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Internet Linking Node Information.

Internet linking is one of the fastest growing areas of our hobby, with hundreds of linked systems and tens of thousands of hams using Internet links around the world. Internet linking has come a long way from the early experiments of the 1990's, which involved a lot of manual intervention, to today's range of reliable, easy to use systems.

This page attempts to collate information about RF linked sites on any of the major Internet linking systems including IRLP, EchoLink, eQSO and WIRES-II.

Links to Node Info and Status Pages. - Lists RF nodes using EchoLink or eQSO. - EchoLink current logins. - EchoLink RF link status and locations. - Lists IRLP nodes and their current connection status. - Colour coded IRLP status page. - G4EID's master link status pages. - IRLP reflector status page. - EchoLink conference status page. - Status of non conference EchoLink nodes. - eQSO server status. - IRLP node location maps. - Interactive graphical IRLP active node map (requires Flash). - WIRES-II active station list. - WIRES-II node list.